Vital Aid Care


Step 1. Personal Introduction

Your wishes and needs are always our priority. During a personal introduction at your home, we map out your wishes and needs together. Maybe you need nursing from your diagnosis but you also want some extra help with dressing. It may also be that you need some stuff from the home care store. Together we go through your wishes and the possibilities.

Step 2. Request indication

When your wishes and needs are clear, we look together at what type of care can be offered and which are reimbursed. The procedures for an indication application (such as PGB and ZIN) are quite complicated. To avoid problems with payment, it is important that the application form is filled in accurately. If desired, we will call in a district nurse for guidance with your application.

Step 3. Selection Vitalaid-Care

Nothing is better than a permanent care provider. Someone you get to know and with whom you build a bond. It is possible that you receive both nursing and care and that you need care at different times a day. We carefully put together your regular Vitalaid-care team for you. This way you know exactly who you can count on at what time.

Step 4. Vitalaid-care at your home

The Vitalaid-Care comes to your home for the first time. If possible, we start with a cup of coffee and an introduction. Together with the care provider, you go through the work and times. If necessary, a key transfer takes place. After that, the Vitalaid-Care immediately gets to work.

Home care without indication

We can offer you home care at any time. Even if you do not (yet) have an indication. You pay for the care yourself and can possibly get this back afterwards from your care indication. Do you need some extra help at home, but don’t feel like interference from an authority that assesses your situation first?

Private care at home

With private care at home, you have the freedom to decide for yourself which care you want to receive and how this care is financed. In this case, you will not receive an indication and therefore no budget via PGB or ZIN. This means that you pay for the desired care yourself.

As a private individual, you can use various services:

Purchase additional private care

Of course, a combination with your current indication is also possible. If you have been given too few hours indicated and you want more care, you can request extra care from us in addition to PGB, ZIN or WMO. In that case, you can purchase the extra hours privately.

The caregivers of Vitalaid-Care are very experienced. They have all the necessary certifications and diplomas to provide professional care and specialize in personal care at home.

Need help with PGB/ZIN application

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